About the Review and this site

This site is the archive of material generated in the Tower Hamlets Healthy Child Review 2013, led by Tower Hamlets Public Health and involving a wide range of people in the borough.

Why a Healthy Child review and why now?

The aim of the Review was to improve the health and wellbeing of all children & young people in Tower Hamlets (0-19 years). The review is happening now as we need a new contract for School Health services from 2014.
It was an opportunity to involve a wide range of local stakeholders and also to think more broadly about how to improve the whole system.

Of course, there isn’t a completely blank sheet – this review will develop and build on what’s working and will take account of national ‘must do’s’ and evidence about what works best.

Who was involved?

The engagement programme ensured that plans responded to local needs and priorities. The engagement work comprised:

  • An early series of interviews, carried out by PublicServiceWorks and by THPH
  • A multi-agency steering group convened by THPH
  • A series of multi stakeholder events
  • Activity specifically to engage particular groups

Full details of the engagement work can be found in this report: summary engagement process

The full report of what came out of this work and its Annexes can be accessed here: emerging direction report final 3rd dec; final annexes to report

The engagement work was designed and led by Roma Iskander and Sheila Marsh from the Participation Agency at PublicServiceWorks

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